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Garden state or Swamp state


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Sitting in this weekend with my laptop armed with my new Topo Mapping software, Watcher, Plucker, GPX2HTML, and Geobabel (isn't technology wonderful!) - I was planning some future outings in and around Cheesequake Park when I realized I was missing one of the most important items in a garden state cacher's arsenal.


No, not a valid NJ insurance card. Nope, not a Humvee (I think they're only good for getting back and forth to the mall anyway). A canoe I've got already (although I'll pass on dragging it down to Cheesquake). I realized from reading the logs that a pair of waders would be handy.


BassoonPilot had mentioned picking some up at KMart in his log on GC2F59 so I headed on down to the closest Big-K and lo-and-behold - hip waders for $23! Yes, $23! (and that's for the pair - not $23 a boot!). They were closeouts but they had a decent number left.


They're insulated and the boots seem relatively sturdy (hey, what can you expect for $23). I tried them out in a local park (see the picture) and they're watertight. Figured I'd pass along the tip to anyone in the area.


I went hiking this morning but didn't bother cache-hunting - just too wet to be enjoyable digging in the snow!


Now I just need to find a day to spend down in Cheesequake! (anyone interested in a team effort?)



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I don't know if this snow will be gone by this Sunday, but I *did* notice that low tide in the Cheesequake creek area hits around 1:56pm on Sunday. Depending on the weather (and snow cover), I'm tentatively looking at Sunday the 2nd. Anyone available or interested is welcome to join.


If the snow's still hanging around (or if we get more snow as is possible on Thursday), I'll probably stick local (since it sounds like that area would provide a full fun day of hunting, I'd rather do it when the conditions are better!).


Marty (if you're listening) - can you share any info on which of your caches in Cheesequake are "snow friendly"? (or which would be made much harder having a few inches of snow on the ground?).

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I was originally planning to dump as many state quarters (esp. CT) as I could find into each of Brian's caches icon_wink.gif but this sounds like more fun.


I think Melvin's would be a b* if covered by snow, but the marsh may have melted more than surrounding areas. I expect many of the others caches there to be at ground level and harder than normal.


Either Peterpank or the Rest Area work for me. Let me know.

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I agree with Etoast that Melvins would be really tough in the snow. The first stages could be found, but I doubt that the actual cache could be found in the snow. Heck we had a hard enough time without snow.


A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away. -Barry Goldwater

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Based on the snow cover, additional snow expected Thursday, and feedback received via email - I think I'm going to postpone heading down to Cheesequake until when the caching conditions improve (I know - wimpy, eh?).


I *am* going to take part of Sunday and head out caching so if there's anyone in the area who's interested in teaming up Sunday for some hunts in the North Jersey area (actual area is flexible) - just drop me an email. Of course, if we get another foot of new snow Thursday - disregard this post.... icon_rolleyes.gif


[This message was edited by HartClimbs on February 25, 2003 at 01:18 PM.]

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Driving home today I was comtemplating HartClimbs question about my caches being snow friendly. Looking at the woods and the snow remaining, I decided it would probably not be much fun doing them with this much snow. I originally answered him that snow does not present any particular problems, I have rethunk my position. My suggestion is to wait until snow goes away. There are enough caches in Cheesequake to make a nice event day. Most wooded areas that are flat are pretty much flooded. The canoe idea for doing Melvin's is an excellent idea, but not very safe judging by the water temps right now. If I ever get the kayak I want, that swamp is going to be peppered with caches

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Incidentally, the best place to launch that canoe is at the foot of Steamboat Landing Road a/k/a Dock Road. Although the dirt portion of the road is posted No Trespassing, its a public road, and in my opinion, unenforcable. Anyway, many people go down to the creek there to fish and crab in warm weather and I don't think anyone cares. The No Tres sign is to ward off dumpers. Be advised that if you park at the foot of the road at the creek, the tide may come up to your tires when high, best to move your car back to the wooded portion

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Originally posted by etoast66:

Viking Kittens/Led Zeppelin = Great Site. I laughed my a* off - never did know the words to that song.

He he, unfortunaly the Viking Kittens are no longer at the site. icon_frown.gif

I don't know why, but there are some Rather Good other odd-ball rocking Cats there.

Our current favorite is The Charlie's Angels Cats


As for a Cache Event to Cheesequake. Anyone with a preference to a up coming weekend? Ours are all pretty tight, and the 22 & 23 is out of the question.

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I was reading the log on either Beavertown or maybe it was one of the others in that area, but basically the dude was stepping in muck, crossing streams up to his calves, breaking thru ice, etc etc. Remembering how I felt after going after suburban jungle, and thinking ahead to whenever I get around to do BOLP I headed over to Ramsey outdoor, and picked up some inexpensive waders that go to my crotch. I figure since my name is not Brian Snat, I am better off being prepared. Can't wait to utilize them.


and as an aside I am sick of mud; All this dadgum snow is melting and creating mud every-stinking-where. git on with it! melt and drain and go away. Day light savings time is in 3 weeks and I dont expect to see your sorry uddy butt when I get out there!





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