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Go to your trackable's page.

Click on Edit this Trackable (on the right side of the screen)

Where it says Bug Image, change the pick list to "no image selected"

Save the changes


This doesn't take it out of any galleries, however. :(


So once it's out there, it's out there?? Is it not cool to delete the two "Discovered" logs?

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So once it's out there, it's out there?? Is it not cool to delete the two "Discovered" logs?


Delete the Discovered logs if you want to. You're allowed, and I would do it, too. :) But just bear in mind that once something has gone on the Internet, it'll probably be out there lurking somewhere and there's no putting the lid back on the box. You'll probably get more Discovered logs, which you can delete as well. It'll just be a pain in the rump. :ph34r:

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I only have one trackable with an uploaded picture.

When I go to its page (logged in), there is the section "Gallery Images related to...". Below there is the name of my image and an "Edit" link right next to it. Clicking it (the Edit, not the picture's name) I get to a page where I have a red trash with "Delete Image" next to it.

I won't try it, because I want the picture to stay - that's why I can't tell you what happens. But it looks like I can really delete it from the gallery.


Did I miss this as a recommendation for this problem? Tell me if it works.

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