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Hi Cachers, I am looking for recommendations on the access point for hiking to GC12. I'd like to go there for my 1,000th find with a caching buddy on Wednesday. I am new to forums so maybe the info is already here, but everything I found was from 5 or more years ago. Thanks for your help.

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Access to GC12 is from Forest Service Road NF-105 and is just beyond GC15V8K. The road to this spot is easily driven by any car. If you zoom in enough on the Google maps image, the trail shows up. Access to GC17 is just a bit further up NF-105 where it ends in a turnaround. GC12 is slightly older, but GC17 has a better view (assuming you are hiking on a clear day). Many people do both hikes in the same trip. Congratulations on your upcoming milestone!

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