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Hartclimbs reaches the century mark...in 4 months!

The Artful Dodger

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...Cauldron's was my favorite cache to date - great hide and exceptionally well thought out.


Looking forward to trying some of the longer caches when the snow cover recedes! This is a fun game!


p.s. While I first logged onto GC.COM on Dec 31st, my first find was Jan 1, 2003 so I've only been at this for 2 1/2 months! icon_biggrin.gif I've realized that I'm way too driven to find these little tupperware containers! At least if I have an competitive streak - I'm finding harmless outlets for the energy! icon_razz.gif

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Having a small competitive streak myself, its been a little tough watching Hart and Magoo leave me in their wake - but I offer hearty Congratulations nonetheless.


Since you chose Cauldrons, I think I will pick Waterboy's NY/NJ Multi - you're welcome to join me. At my 200/yr pace, I think it'll be 3/30 or 4/6 - there should be less snow. I had a blast doing Melvin's with Chris(Mxyzptlk), Brian and Lawrence(AD) for my 50th, so I think it would be cool doing my 100th with others.

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...for the encouragement and kind words. Thanks also to the cache hiders for putting those tupperware/ammo/vial/film containers out there - it's funny how it takes both good hiders and seekers to make this game work!


I'm on a week's hiatus from caching however as my GPS is on it's way to Garmin in Kansas to get an oil change and tire rotation.


Maybe a week off will help me rebalance my time (and catch up on sleep - getting up before sunrise to grab caches before work/hockey/etc.. is a bit over the top!)

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