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Becoming A Reviewer

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Very odd way of becoming a reviewer. How do they know if you are interested if you don't ask?

Think of it in terms of a paying job with a company where you'd like to work. It is a small company with very few job openings and relatively low turnover. They aren't advertising any openings. What's the point of filling out an application and submitting your resume if there is no job to be had?


Instead, job positions are created when (1) a reviewer retires, or (2) when geocaching activity in an area grows to the point where the reviewer(s) in that area need help. At that time, the existing reviewer will nominate someone and, if they pass a "background check," a "job offer" is made. This almost always comes "out of the blue." To be the person who receives that "job offer," you will want to follow the tips in the linked help center article. Hide lots of good caches, host events, help new geocachers, work with your reviewer, work with land managers, identify and report problems, etc. The person who does the best job of this in an area will make a good reviewer candidate if and when the need arises. Your conduct will (or will not) put you in a position of being the first name that comes to mind when an existing reviewer or reviewer team needs to identify a new reviewer.

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