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Earthcache in a National Wildlife Refuge

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I know traditional caches can't be placed there but can an earthcache? Is permission required? Thanks

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Plus think of it this way: someone from the managed land looks at the geocaching map, sees there's a cache icon right in the middle of it and talks to someone who has a lot of influence with dire consequences for caches on managed land. Does it matter at that moment that it's a cache without a container? No, because you can't expect land managers to figure our that there are virtual cache types.

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Permission is supposed to be required for any cache. But certainly for wildlife refuges, the geoaware reviewer will require it unless the cache is clearly not on land that requires it (such as a highway right of way).


I've found the Fish and Wildlife Service to be pretty easy to work with. Actually most park agencies are. It's a question of being prepared, professional, and above all, patient -- like most federal agencies, they are saddled with a lot of rules they have to follow and are usually understaffed.


I've previously posted a standard email that I've refined over the years that seems to make it easier each time I seek permission; latest version is below.


Good luck!




I am looking for permission to create an earthcache based on the geology of Hueco Tanks State Historic Site. I'm attaching a draft of my proposed earthcache, as well as a Texas State Parks geocache permit.


An earthcache is a geocache that has no physical container and requires people to answer questions to log their find. based on earth science lessons. In order to get started, I need permission from park staff. I spoke to two rangers today, and they advised me to contact this email address.


This is not my first earthcache. I currently manage 19 earthcaches in different areas of the United States, plus one in Norway. Over the past several years, I have worked with the U.S. National Park Service; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Virginia State Parks; Alabama State Parks; Oklahoma State Parks; the City of Grottoes, Virginia; and the Town of Medicine Park, Oklahoma, to place earthcaches on park property.


I want to ensure this cache is designed responsibly, putting the park's needs first and foremost. I will make any necessary changes to the cache location or description before publishing, and I will design the experience to make sure that people completing this earthcache would stay in areas that would have no more impact than any other visitor to the park.


If you'd like to see examples of earthcaches I placed at Dry Tortugas National Park after working with park staff, you can see them here:





I'm available by email at (email) or by cell at (number) if you have any questions or need more information.


Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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That's terrific thanks much I appreciate all the feedback

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