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64st Find funtion question

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So I have a 64st with V4.00 software in it. I live in Vancouver B.C. Canada, so I do a find search for restaurants and no problem, without any questions asked it thinks for a bit and then displays all the closest restaurants. So I now drive to Seattle, Washington and now I do a search for restaurants, now for some reason I have to enter province/ state???? why? It has a satellite fix, why cant it find restauants nearby? So anyway I enter Washington state and find restaurants, and after it thinks for a bit, now it displays restaurants in Calgary Alberta??? I tried it several times, even restarted it, same thing, same with looking up an address, what gives? Any ideas? I turned off all my Canadian maps and all the restaurants, addresses and poi's are well over a hundred Km/Mi away. Needless to say the people I was with were of course less than impressed by this. I almost threw it out the window.

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My best guess is that the topo maps don't have business POIs within them. Your best bet is to buy City Navigator North America, which will give you a routable road map and POIs for all of Canada, the US, and Mexico.


You can try using Open Street Map (OSM), but since it's a user maintained map, the POIs aren't as extensive, at least not in most parts of the US. OSM is a viable option in parts of Europe, though.

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All POI information is in the detailed maps. In fact, when you search, if you press menu, you can choose which map to search. Topo Canada does have detailed POIs. None of those USA maps do.


Just go and buy a Nuvi. They are leaps and bounds better for road travel and come with the maps and lifetime update. Keep the 64 for hiking and caching.



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