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Magoo logs Melvin's!!!!


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My hat's off to you Magoo - and with your 11 yr. old as well!


You are truly and intrepid cacher. I'm going to have to bring my 4 yr. old along to top this one! (maybe he can carry me across the creek!).


Bravo!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif



There is no such thing as "fun for the whole family." -Jerry Seinfeld

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My 70 lb son walked right across some areas that just couldnt seem to support my 240 lbs of bulk. He had to wait for me to catch up as i needed to find better ways around obstacles.


I will say

  • Go right at low tide

  • Bring pen/pencil and paper to take notes (you dont want to have to revisit a stage icon_biggrin.gif)

  • Leave time for this (took us 3 hrs) but it can be done in parts and resumed later


We picked the right time. I wore boots that come to just below my knee and I dont think I was ever in more than 5 inches of mud at the worst. I personally had a harder time with the physical challenges of Muskrats, Mosquitos and Muck.


If an old blind man and a 11 yr old boy do it, then so can you! icon_biggrin.gif Save my Georges!


"Problems are merely opportunities for interesting solutions which can be implemented by those with the courage to be different."

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Ahh Magoo you've done it AGAIN!!!

WTG on Melvin's! Guess Hart and I will have to make another attempt at saving those poor georges.

I can't help but picture your namesake doing this cache. Mr Magoo and his old jalopy chugging along, about to drive right into Melvin's Creek just as a log floats by at the exact second to make a bridge to drive across......


Tae-Kwon-Leap is not a path to a door, but a road leading forever towards the horizon.

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