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Northeastern U.S. Road Trip

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People in this forum provided great cache suggestions to us last year when we traveled up the southeastern coast, so this time we're looking for suggestions for the northeastern coast!


We're going through PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, and ME, so this is the route we're thinking of taking to avoid tolls as much as possible.


I'm researching interesting places to visit and caches with a lot of fave pts in each state, but I'd definitely appreciate any suggestions you all have!


Thanks :D

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We're leaving for a very similar trip in two weeks - of course, we're starting from Seattle so we'll hit a few more states, plus we will ending in Nova Scotia and then heading back. I used GSAK and the API to pull the highest fav'd caches for each state - sometimes 20+ fav points, or up to 50+ depending on the state. I add all virtual cache per state, so that gives me a selection to do as I pass thru. I also note the oldest in the state (which is often one of the highest fav'd) and use those as a rough routing for the drive.


I'm interested to see what suggestions are put forth to see if they'd work for us too.

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That looks a lot like what I did earlier this summer, though I did it in one day (WV to ME -- 12 states plus DC. I had to save VT for the return trip, as it was too far out of my way on the way up). As a native Mainer, I recognized your final destination without having to look at the detail ... what a great choice! I had looked at the oldest caches in each of those states in your itinerary, and many won't be near your route, but CT and MA should be pretty doable and the ME cache, in Fort Williams at Cape Elizabeth / South Portland, is in a very scenic park and is an easy find. Enjoy your trip, and happy caching!

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Gosh, going all that way up to Maine and not working on the Gulf of Maine Geotour? It's a cool setup (we qualified in a day) that counts caches in the US and Canada, from Massachusetts to New Brunswick. I think we only had to do a half a dozen caches to qualify, and they sent us a really cool Geocoin as a souvenir of our trip.



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