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TB not seen in a cache


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It should be possible to mention that a TB is not in a cache (otherwise than by posting a message).


In order to avoid (to some extent) that some people are abusing of the system, the list of TB in a cache should be split in two :

- TB in the cache

- TB that should be in the cache.


If 1 people issaying that the TB is not in the cache, it should move from the first to the second list.

If a few (how many, I don't know) people are saying that the TB is not in the cache, it should disappeared from the second list.


Pocket queries should be also be possible on both lists.



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We've had numerous logs by long-time members say a trackable isn't in a cache, one was multiple people, multiple days.

- When we do maintenance (it may be a while...), we find the trackables are on the bottom of the ammo can, mixed with swag (tags often removed from items), or some reason, stuck to the lid.


A coin in a pill bottle might be noticeable...


I'd prefer that the TO not get in a frazzle over their toy-with-a-tag (and we know some do...) until I check, to be sure it really is missing. :)

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