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GPS device - can I use my iPhone6?


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Sorry, yes I have that app. I meant is there a special GPS device or app I should get? Or the one that is on the app is fine? Saw many people using Garmins - because they don't have a smartphone with app?


UPDATE: (5 minutes later)...... I found another post that directed me to a YouTube video and now I see I don't need an additional GPS device. I can just use my iPhone. :-) Sorry


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Any civilian GPS is only accurate on it's best day to around ten feet.

The CO hopes he had a best day when he placed it too.

- Best days don't happen often... ;)


The free app on your phone is pretty-much on par with most handheld GPSrs today (what I use).

Years ago, it was a lot different, but those tech brainiacs keep improving.

I use a GPSr for the extra bit of ruggedness it provides (you could use a case...) and a lot better battery life. :)

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Some people prefer handheld GPS devices (Garmin, Magellan, DeLorme, etc.) because that's what they've always used. Some people prefer handheld GPS devices because they don't have/want a smartphone. Some people prefer handheld GPS devices because they do have certain advantages over smartphones.


Personally, I do most of my geocaching with my (Android) phone, using one of the third-party apps rather than Groundspeak's app. But I sometimes use my eXplorist rather than my phone app when I need a device with better battery life or that is more durable/waterproof than my phone.

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