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Found geocoi, doesn't recognise on system

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Hi all I have found a wooden geocoin and tried to log it. It doesn't recognise the code. It's looks more like a name then a code. "Mandici". It's has geocaching.cz and geocaching.com on it, also 2014. Would love to move it in but want to have it logged first. Any ideas please? Thanks

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The fact you say it's a 'Wooden' coin, I suspect it may not be trackable on Groundspeak...


Does it say "Trackable at Groundspeak.com" on it?


Have you tried the .cz site?


Other options are 0/O l/1/ 2/Z etc


Does sound like its a personal sig item, rather than a trackable.



There seems to be a 'coin' avatar on the profile...



Does it match what you have?

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Here's its page, with a bigger picture:



There are companies in Europe that make these kinds of coins, some in beech or spruce wood. These are thicker than a wooden nickel, and usually laser-etched. They may have a tracking number, in which case should have the text "Track at Geocaching.com" as well. The majority are imprinted with the words "Wooden Geocoin" but are non-trackable. I don't know if there are "setup fees", but the price otherwise seems OK for a "sig coin". The coins are a popular trade item in Europe. I've never seen one in a cache in the US.


I looked at some of the Wooden Geocoin sites, but haven't tried to get these custom items made. Some sites have broken links, and that causes me to be wary for some reason. :ph34r:


Here's some info from http://www.geokes.com:


Czech Wood Geocoin is widespread sigitem with long tradition. There are thousands of personal designs of these wooden nickels.


It has standardised look - your nick and logo on one side, geocaching logo and year of production on the other side. These are not trackables, but personal signature items.

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Geocaching.com is not the only site with a tracking system for wayward travelers and the proliferation of signature items (sigitems) makes keeping track of what's what more challenging. Not all that's round that was found in a box in the woods is a geocoin. That's why trackable geocoins have to have certain markers and one of them is that it says on it "trackable on geocaching.com", "track on geocaching.com" or some such variant.


What it sounds like you have there is as others have pointed out... a sigitem in the form of a wooded nickel. It's swag to be traded for with something of equal or greater value. Enjoy....

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