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Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

Afrika Rocks

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I have some sad and serious news for all South African cachers.


With immediate effect (from 26 August 2015) - there is to be NO CACHING in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.


All caches will be disabled by the Reviewer - and any found logs will be deleted.


We have had a meeting with the Reserve Management - and he is not happy with the geocaching community over the years. In particular he has cited:

  • Climbing fences and not using designated entrances
  • Not paying relevant entrance fees
  • Littering
  • Moving off trail
  • Parking in non-designated areas
  • Continued disregard for rules
  • Contravention of the National legislation regarding Protected Areas.


We will be having a meeting in October 2015 to get a final outcome. So please respect this decision and moratorium in the light of ensuring that caching remains the positive hobby it is meant to be - one in which local legislation, land owner rules and respect for nature and property is upheld.

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Some of the caches have been re-enabled following communication with Reserve Managememnt.


PLEASE BE VERY AWARE of the local rules and respect this note below:




This cache is being monitored by the Officer in Charge of Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, Honarary Officers and Reviewer Community of Geocaching HQ.




NO PETS are allowed in picnic areas or in the Reserve

Opening times: 06h00 to 18h00 - 365 days per year

Entry fee: R20 per person (R10 under 12)

Stay on the trails

Do not climb over any fences - use official entrances ONLY

Removal and damaging or injuring of any plant or animal can only be done with a permit

Light fires in designated areas only

Camping is not allowed

No littering of any kind

No motorcycles

No mountain biking

Entry during daylight hours only

No loud music


• Never hike alone.

• Stay on the trails.

• Carry an adequate supply of water, particularly if you are hiking in the lower gorges in the heat of the day.

• Venture into the lower gorges in larger groups.

• Don’t swim in the rivers. Bilharzia may be present.

• Abide by opening and closing times. Persons whose vehicles are found in parking areas after dark are assumed lost and a search party is then organised. This is no fun, especially if the lost party is not really lost. If you are lost, do not try and find your way out in the dark. This may lead to serious injury. Stay where you are and wait for rescuers or daylight.


The Reviewers and Cache Owners reserve the right to delete any logs that show a contravention of these rules – as the continued use of KKR by geocachers depends on our being respectful and positive contributors to the KKR and sustainability in the Province – remember the geocaching creed of:


Geocachers' Creed

The Geocachers' Creed is designed to help orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations, so that everyone can enjoy geocaching.


When placing or seeking geocaches, I will:


• Not endanger myself or others.

• Observe all laws & rules of the area.

• Respect property rights and seek permission where appropriate.

• Avoid causing disruptions or public alarm.

• Minimize my and others' impact on the environment.

• Be considerate of others.

• Protect the integrity of the game pieces.

The above information is taken completely from (http://www.geocreed.info/) It was created and is managed by the geocaching community without direction from Groundspeak. For detailed explanations and examples, please visit the site.


Thank you for your understanding

Afrika Rocks - African Reviewer

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