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I have found an entire box with Geocoins inside, it was left behind on a train here in the south of Sweden. I was hoping for advice what to do with them, unless the owner happens to read this post, so the coins can be returned to the rightfull owner (after a proper description of the box and the coins inside! :) ).


I am new to geocaching and I'm not familiar with how geocoins work. What I have understood they are supposed to be passed on from geocache to geocache, or might these be some sort of collectables for the owner?


If it's not too much to ask here in this post, I'd love some information about how I pass them on from a geocache (cause all I have found this far has only been tiny ones with loggs in them - no room for a coin!)


So, priority is to find the rightfull owner, otherwise I will try to pass them on.

Kind regards, Rhythm86

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They could be the property of a cacher who lost his/her collection coming or going to an event. Coins aren't ALWAYS meant for travelling, only when the owner chooses to release them.


As CF30 said check if they are activated and note if they are registered to different owners or the same one. If it's different owners you can look up the last logs for each coin and they should be "in the hands of" so-and-so cacher. You can look up that cacher and tell them what you found. Same goes if they are owned by the same person.

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I've included the link for Trackable logging.

Nice of you to attempt to find the actual owner(s).

Type in and enter the tracking codes of a few.

The owner's name is in the upper left of the trackable's page.

All belonging to one owner, you'd make their day, multiple owners, then maybe someone accumulated/hoarded a bunch for some reason and misplaced them (we've heard of that before...).

If you do manage to get in contact with owners, they'd be the ones to ask what's next. :)

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I'd love some information about how I pass them on from a geocache (cause all I have found this far has only been tiny ones with loggs in them - no room for a coin!)

If these are all intended to travel (for example, if they were taken from caches), you will need to make a note of all the Tracking Numbers, and perhaps find a few "TB Hotels" or a lot of decent sized caches to place these in. You could try to contact local Geocachers to assist.


What a cool mystery!


If these were part of someone's personal collection, at least some of the coins may be brand new in their packs. As mentioned, if they were meant to be logged, the coins may be tracked here, and probably have additional info with the coin, such as a mission or the Tracking Number written larger (some coin tracking numbers are tough to read).


This is how new coins are packaged:



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