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Question on Geocoins and posts

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On 8-17-15, found my first Geocoin, posted it, and then on other finds it would show the coin and I would mark a visit to a cache.

Todoy I left the geocoin at a pretty cool cache.


Well I went to post it and my Trackables and my Geocoins there but not the one on found and my Found it Post is not there either?

So now I left the Geocoin off and no way to post it what is going on?


What a mess and how do I get this Geocoin back in play before someone runs into it but there is no record of it....??




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It looks like you placed it a few days ago in "She ran calling wildfire" -



If you didn't leave it there, did you write down the tracking code? If so, you can click on "Found it? Log it!" on that page (right side) and retrieve it from "She ran calling wildfire" and then it'll be in your inventory again to drop in the correct cache. If you don't have the tracking code anymore, write a note on the cache page using the "found it? Log it" link to let the owner know what's up.

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If you don't post the drop into a cache before another cacher finds the cache, grabs the coin and logs the grab it was essentially not taken from the cache but from another cacher. Someone else got the coin and logged it away from you before you could log it into the cache you dropped it in. Happens all the time if you don't log coins drops in time or if someone was just on the trail minutes after you and was faster on the ... grab.


EDIT TO ADD... My mistake, I came to a wrong conclusion from the OPs description of events. Thanks to TriciaG's research it appears coin is inadvertantly logged into a DNF cache by the OP. Where it actually is only the OP can know but in order to place it there OP needs the tracking code to move it. OP could email coin owner with the cache it was actually dropped into so they could redo the system data entry or just wait and hope a cacher finds the cache and the coin and logs it in properly.

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