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Avroair Spitfire -- Avroair's 2015 personal geocoin

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It has been almost a year since Avroair asked if I could produce a 3d model of a Spitfire and make it trackable. I accepted the challenge and spent several months finding a mint that could incorporate as many of Avroair's dream features as possible. We have come up with a really cool trackable and he has signed off on the samples. We are ready to go to production!


This 3d model of the Supermarine Spitfire measures 54mm in length and has a 63mm wingspan. It is 13mm in height. The aircraft is trackable and will have a unique icon. Most versions have an all-over enamel finish plus enamel on the top and bottom of the wings AND on the sides of the fuselage. And, yes, the propeller actually spins!


There will be five editions of the Avroair Spitfire:



BLACK Night Fighter

TAN North African Theatre

GREEN European Theatre

BLUE High Level Reconnaissance


The latter three are available now as pre-sale items from http://phdcoins.ca and http://negeocachingsupplies.co.uk. Expected delivery is end of September.


Price: $15.00 US / $19.75 Cdn / £12.50






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Oh, my.


I knew I shouldn't have looked at this.


I'm going to show this to my husband, and then I won't be alone in the "WANT" department.


Beauty trackable.




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Three new editions of the Avroair Spitfire are now available:


PINK Daytime Reconnaissance

LT BLUE Daytime Fighter

DK BROWN Mediterranean Theatre



All are available now from http://phdcoins.ca.






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