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What to do with Geocoin

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I grabbed a Wooden Dutch Geocoin 2015. When I returned home, I entered the trackable information and came up with a blank. There was no record of the geocoin. What do I do with it? I've attached a photo of the front and back of the coin (or at least I hope I have, if I was able to figure out how to attach a link of a photo) Thanks!



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What trackable information did you use as there is none in the photos. Typically wooden coins, known as wooden nickels were personal signature items - sigitems and non trackable. But things got a little complicated a few years back when a wooden geocoin was approved that was trackable.


The best way to separate the trackable from the non-trackable is to look for "trackable on Geocaching.com" or "track at geocachig.com" stamped into the coin. It's a mandatory condition from Groundspeak for approval into the tracking system.

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That would have been a helpful link if I could read Dutch! :rolleyes::)


I found the link using Google. On the Google listing, there is an option "translate this page".


One could also use Google Translator:


Wooden Dutch Geocoin


The Dutch Wooden Geocoin, during our vacations in the Czech Republic we were she ever come across this wooden coins. Equipped with a team name and a picture a nice business card to leave in caches, to trade and collect. After a call to the forum geocaching.nl we have contacted a producer in the Czech Republic or they same way for Dutch teams could make these coins. And that could, result: the first 17 woodies are a fact.


These coins are not equipped with its own unique number and therefore not trakable, you should see it more as a Goodie wood. Hence the name Woodies. Through this site, it is possible to also come into possession of such own currency. There are a few regular events at these coins: including the firm is back with the logo of Geocaching and text Wooden Dutch Geocoin and the year and at their side an image can be placed with team name and its own text.


Gallery of 2014 "coins":





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