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selling off a friends collection

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Hello all! I am selling off more of a friends collection. Before listing anything on Ebay I thought I'd see if anyone might be interested in anything she has. I've listed some prices below. Some I'm not sure about so make an offer if you are interested. Thanks!


All of these are unactivated

(4) N2Life satin silver Geocoins - $4.00 each

Blazing Trolls Geocoin - bronze? - make offer

Generic 2007 Geocoin - $5.00 - sold

Vanelle antique silver - make offer - sold

2009 Idaho gold - $7.00

2009 Idaho antique gold - $7.00

2009 Idaho antique silver - $7.00

Wildflowers 2009 - make offer

Nurses Have Heart copper - $5.00

(3) 2007 Idaho black nickel - $7.00

Leaderboard - make offer

GPS maze pacific science center - make offer

(3) hazardous geocoin - 1 has different design on back - micro - $4.00

GAGA geocoin - make offer

John Harrison bronze - $5.00

UR#1 nickel - $4.00

2008 Idaho - $7.00

Three bottles ant bronze? - make offer

Geowoodstock Official V triangle shape - make offer

X-MAS 2008 Copper - make offer

Arizona Seasons - make offer

Montana 2009 gold - make offer



UR#1 copper - $3.00 - no logs, will transfer - sold

The Pocket Decoder - make offer - no logs, will transfer


Shipping will be actual shipping costs plus my actual paypal fees, so the shipping will be very reasonable. If you are interested in these just let me know and I can give you an exact shipping amount. Thank you!

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Hi again :)

I got an email from someone from Spain about one of the Idaho geocoins and I accidentally deleted the email. Can you contact me again? Thanks!

got it thanks!

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