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Geocaching in China - how safe is it


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My husband and I are planning a trip to China next year and are hoping to do some geocaching, but am wondering how safe it is as I've read a few (albeit) old reports that suggest security may not be happy. Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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A small group of cachers went there from Australia last year and found a cache that had been published ten years earlier and never found. They didn't experience any problems with China's Police or security services.


Many thanks for this; much appreciated. Looking forward to doing some caching in China now :-)

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I visited China in 2004 and a lot can be changed nowadays, especially in big cities.

There certainly are a lot more caches to find.

I found China a save country to be in.

Over all people do not harass you and let you go your own way (apart from some very busy touristic places, trying to sell you things).

Women can walk the streets on their own without problems.


Going to China you must realize that this country is not a democracy.

I found that people are very friendly, but hesitating to speak their mind when you are trying to talk to them.

You will find many official guards in malls, official buildings, touristic places and offices.

Those guards are friendly, but in general they take their jobs seriously and they do not always understand people walking around with a gps in "awkward" places, touching all kinds of objects to find a cache.

At the very least you are frowned upon, but also expect some suspicion when you behave out of the ordinary.

Remain stealth at all times and do not search for caches when officials/guards are in sight.

When you need to explain yourself keep in mind that a lot of Chinese people don't speak any foreign language, a lot even are illiterate and will distance themselves from you if, for example, if you are showing you gps.


A lot of caches seem to be in good locations to visit, so you shouldn't have difficulties finding a few.

Have a nice time...

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