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Dragon Egg Geocoins

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The samples of my next design - the 'Dragon Egg' coins, are currently in production and hopefully I'll have some samples to show in the next few weeks.


I posted a preview of these on my Facebook group the other day, but didn't give all the details about them.


So these will be another 3D coin - 2 inches wide and 10mm thick. And likely 300 coins will be made. The top side is the 3D egg and will just be bare metal (with no enamels). The bottom side will be 2D with a hard enamel finish, and a 3D baby dragon under translucent enamels. All will be trackable and will have a custom icon too.


There are currently 7 versions being sampled - to try out the different colours/metals. Depending on how they come out there may be a few more limited versions too.


Here's a look at the artwork so far - and once samples arrive I'll post proper photos of them too.



Front/Back/Side view



More detailed image of the Dragon without any colours

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The samples arrived today and came out well.


I need to make some small changes to a few versions, and will make 1-2 additional versions for the final coins. And the final coins will be available from mid-November on my webstore. I'm travelling a lot until then so will post more information about the sale in November, but they'll likely go on sale either the weekend of Nov. 14/15 or 21/22.


And to Crowesfeat30's comment - I had tried out a few different options for the tracking number. But the space was a little small and an awkward shape for most things I tried. Something like the feather was one thing I didn't try though and probably would have looked a bit better than the plain rectangle, but maybe not worked properly with this coin. I'll make sure to keep that sort of idea in mind for some future designs though :D


Anyway here are a couple of the samples. This isn't all the versions (a few of the others that will probably change I'll leave on Facebook). A couple of these might have some small changes, but they should mostly look like these for the final coins.


And again they're 2 inches tall, 10mm thick with hard translucent enamels.







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