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sfg Personal Coin

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After many many months of design, loss of interest, reigniting of interest, back and forth with blueprints my wife and I finally have our own sfg Geocoin!



On the front is the sfg logo with the Filipino sun (where my wife was born) and the Canadian maple leaf (where i was born and we both live)


When we went on our honeymoon to French Polynesia we both got tattoos done the traditional way with boar tusk and a couple sticks. They mean tons to us so we had to have them on the coin. My tattoo, which means strength stability and protection, is inside the sfg logo on the front. Hers which is a turtle on a wave and stands for fertility and long life is featured prominently on the back side.


The backside also has some pacific islands on the left side with imagery from where my wife grew up. The right side has the Canadian Rockies down to the prairies with imagery of a few locations we've lived in our lives.


Around the outside is written "Pacific Islands & Canadian Prairies to Foothills & Badlands - Strength Stability Protection Fertility & Long Life - 84 02 03 07 08 13 - "


4 Versions minted; Day(SN), above, as well as Dusk(AN), Night(BN), Dawn(SG), all below respectfully






Dusk has a nice translucent water running around the back side. Night has a glittery sky for the star effect and also has GITD tattoos. Finally Dawn has a bright translucent sky and water all over the coin.


I'm selling them as Day and full sets of 4.


Days will be $10CAD. There are 35 Days but I reserve the right to mint another 99.

Sets will be $80CAD. There are 15 Sets. No more will be made of Dusk, Dawn or Night.


They are all of course trackable on Geocaching.com and will have their own icon (though i havn't had time to design it yet).


Hope you like it, we sure do!

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Thanks Nick


Yes TDM I should have some on me this weekend. Just track me down if you want some!

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