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CITO event in southeastern PA - spring 2004?


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Hello Y'all.


Ever since I attended the Blazing Good Time event cache by IV Warrior, I've been toying with the idea of hosting a CITO event in the area of French Creek State Park this coming spring. Of course, late April comes to mind, but we are not necessarily limited to Earth Day.


Here are questions for those of you who might actually attend this event: any dates that are a definite no-no? any dates that are most preferrable? The weekends will fall on April 17/18, April 24/25 and May 1/2.... etc.


It is certainly very early to be planning this to exact details, and to a great degree, timing will depend on the State Park Folks, but all comments are welcome here.


-- I am looking for cache recommendations for Salem, Mass. Got any?

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Originally posted by enfanta:

Are they finally going to let you blaze something, MissJenn?

I sure as hell hope so! icon_smile.gif

I'm chomping at the bit ... I mean, what more could a girl want but a stencil and some paint!?!



Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know as we get closer. I did just place a cache at French Creek and so got to know The Guy there in the cache approval process.


-- I am looking for cache recommendations for Salem, Mass. Got any?

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Saturday June 5, 2004 is National Trails day, sponsored by the American Hiking Society. This may be an excellent day to perform either CITO or other type of trailwork. Combining with other organizations may bring excellent publicity to geocaching.


Although we recommend June 5, we expect be doing trailwork with the Appalachian Mountain Club, Delaware Valley Chapter on that day, and thus be unable to attend your event. If another date is selected we will make every effort to attend.

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Here is a website that can keep us all very busy doing CITO events: PA Forest Lands Beautification Program

To fight the dumping problem, DCNR sought help from the Pennsylvania Legislature. Lawmakers responded by enacting Act 125, the State Forest Lands Beautification Act, which was signed into law by Governor Tom Ridge in late 1998. The legislation was crafted after the release of DCNR's 1997 report, "Trash Dumping on Pennsylvania State Forest Lands -- The Need for Action to Protect the Recreation and Tourism Assets of State Forest Lands."


The law created the Forest Lands Beautification Program, an effort administered by DCNR, the agency responsible for managing 116 state parks and 2.1 million acres of state forests. The five-year program allocates up to $1.5 million each year for a comprehensive approach to the problem, including cleaning illegal dumpsites, educating the public on better disposal practices, enforcing existing anti-dumping laws, and abating the illegal practice.

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I'll bet that some people will be in your boat, and some people will be on the Saturday boat. I will think about the possibility of CITO-ing on both days.

This will, of course, cut our forces effectively in half each day.....


Hmmm ... we'll see! I want to make it as effective as possible.

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I agree with IV, a two day event could draw more people, people who could not make one day could come on the other. And those who camp could have two days to go Geocaching in the area.

I realize that planning events of this nature can be very challenging, so if Jenn goes with two day option and be more than glad to help make this CITO succesful.

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