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event ideas.

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Hey fellow geocaching friends I have a few questions that I would like to have answered. I am new to event planning especially if it's out of state. I am most likely going back to Baton Rouge, LA in January for my winter marathon. I wanted to have a geocaching event at a nice restraint near by and meet some Louisiana geocachers what is a good way to find a place to host the event when your not from there? i am hoping that mabie some of the fellow caches could also hit some caches after aswell. i am open for tips thanks all and hope to see you there.

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> what is a good way to find a place to host the event when your not from there?


Me can be not the best adviser on the topic since I live in different country; on the other hand, I've travelled a lot and hold some so-called "meet-and-greet events". What I've learned from my own experience:


1. Contact people from local community for their ideas.

2. Think of some budget place so people aren't confused with prices.

3. Choose some alternative places to go in case something goes wrong.


It may be a good idea to have your GZ for the event in some park or other nice place outdoors so those who just want to go to a restaurant (for example, people with small kids or those who have not much time) could also attend the event.

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