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GPSMAP 64s and 10,000 points per track limit

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I found this information about file limitations on Garmin web site:


GPSMAP 64 (series)


  • 2,000 GPX files
  • 5,000 waypoints
  • No limit on geocaches (outside of max number of GPX files supported and memory available)
  • 200 routes, 250 points per route
  • 200 saved tracks
  • 2,000 archive tracks*
  • 10,000 points per track
  • 500 custom map tiles
  • 250 BirdsEye Imagery files
  • Approximately 3,000 mapping segments

I am concerned with the 10,000 points per track limit, as I also use this unit as a GPS logger. Currently, it is configured to auto-archive every 24 hours, and to record a point every 5 seconds. This means that a 24 hours track would contain 17,280 points, which is over the limit... Do you know what will happen when the limit is reached? Will a message appear? Will it simply stop recording my track?


A solution might be to activate the Auto recording method and its variable rate, but it is not documented at all. I guess the more quickly you move, the more frequently points are recorded, but I need to have more information on how it works. Did someone experiment with it?

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Would you really run it for the whole 24 hours though?


Normally not... unless I forget to turn it off!


If it reaches the 10,000 limit it will overwrite itself, so if you believe that might happen set it to archive when full rather than every 24 hours.


I didn't notice there was a setting to archive when full. Maybe it is the solution, although I would prefer to have separated tracks per day.

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However, set your track logging mode to "auto" and it should stop tracking when you're not moving.


That is incorrect information.


That is not what the "Auto" method is designed to do. When the unit is set on Auto, it is the unit that determines the logging interval (instead of a "user set" fixed time or distance interval). It is a variable rate and that is determined by the direction and speed of travel(straight or changing). Most frequent logging is still 1 pt/sec.max.


The user will STILL get a "birdnest" of random points logged while stopped due to the unit's "perception" that it is changing direction. (due to satellite signal error)

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