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Phone GPS trouble

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I have been trying to help a friend of mine set up an Obama phone (Samsung SPH-M830) as a GPS. I downloaded GPS essentials to her phone and turned on all the locator services but the coordinates keep locking up on me. somehow it acquired a GPS setting and that is all it will display. Sometimes by playing with setting it will start to read different coordinated but then revert back to the set that it is stuck on. Are these phones not able to be utilized as GPS devices? Any electronic wizzes out there?

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It always surprises me to see the Obamaphone description since the lifeline program started under Reagan and cell phones became available under Bush. But in any event, for GPS connectivity issues, the Samsung web site recommends a soft reset by removing the battery for 30 seconds with the phone on. It's probably a good place to start assuming that the provider did not somehow disable location services.

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Under Pres Obama the LifeLine program has nearly tripled in size from $800 million in 2009 to $2.2 billion per year in 2012. There are claims of waste, fraud and abuse. I don't think the LifeLine program was intended to allow low income users to cache.

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