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Grey dots

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Hi everyone!


I'm Reading thuis forum to find an answer on my question nut it's not clear to me.

I've read Some topics about different ios APP's and different memberships.


At this moment i'm using the intro app.

I see Some green dots and Some grey dots.


When i click on a grey point iT says become geocache premium member.

When i open the website from geocache online, these grey dots are marked als green...


What do i have to do to change the grey dots to green dots?

I cannot cache grey dots whit my iPhone but i can on the website of geocache.

When ive cached a spot on the website thas is grey on the iPhone, i'm not able

To see this in the app...


Is the solution for this buying the app or upgrading to premium?



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According to the Help Center article Geocaching App/Membership Feature Comparison Chart, either the paid version of the app or a premium member subscription will remove the limitation to see only traditional caches with low difficulty and terrain ratings.


Before buying the paid version of the app, you should read the Help Center article Why Are You Only Updating the Free Geocaching Intro App?

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