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[FEATURE] More API calls to manage bookmark lists

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There was a thread that was requesting enhancements to the handling of bookmark lists.


Within that thread I suggested new API calls as a way to allow GSAK to better manipulate them.


I am now facing another multi-list management session with the painful work-around method.


Not fun.


Thus, I would like to make an explicit feature request for the specific API calls that will help me manage this, before I claw out my own eyes:


I was going to start a new thread for this, but maybe it is better here as it will allow the OP to do what they want. The requested functionality could be implemented within GSAK or a standalone program if GS enhanced the API


Currently there is one call that deals with bookmarks. The AddGeocachesToBookmarkList API call allows for a list of GC codes to be added to a Bookmark list based on its GUID.


I'd like to see three new API Calls:








The AddGeocacheToBookmarkList call would require a GC code and Bookmark GUID, and optionally a Name and Comments


The RetrieveGeocacheFromBookmarkList would require a GC code and Bookmark GUID and would return the Name and Comments


The RemoveGeocachesFromBookmarkList would require a list of one or more GC codes and the Bookmark GUID

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