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Charleston WV Area Cahcers meeting


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I am so glad this is coming together. I am sorry that some can't make it to this one. I really wanted a good time for all involved but what can you do? I sure hope you guys and gals that can't be there can make the next one. I AM SURE THERE WILL BE MORE THIS SPRING AND SUMMER icon_wink.gif.


Those of you that are going to make it I am icon_biggrin.gif that I will get to put faces to the names. I am really interested in hearing all the ideas that are in this group too.


The only icon_frown.gif is those poor people working at McDs. LOL. Hey at least they won't be bored.


It is only one week to go and I am counting down. I can't wait. Thanks to all of you for showing this much interest in a Rookie's idea. I am happy that I brought up the idea now. You guys are great.


The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

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Hey everyone. I like the idea of an area meet. Im going to check the logistics of me attending Saturday. I might be able to make it there. If I can shake off my vampire nature and be awake during the day. I also am very interested in a large picnic type event if we can get one arranged. Maybe in early March when it warms up some.

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Hey everyone. Catman just hit it again. The event cache is on Sunday teh 26th of Jan.


Again I screwed up when I posted the inquiry of Sat 26th of jan. MY FAULT TOTALLY.




THE MEETING IS SUNDAY JAN 26th AT 15:00 (3:00pm)


Again my fault totally for the mixups and I am sorry. But I want everyone clear as to when it is going to be. icon_wink.gif


7 days to go. icon_biggrin.gif


The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

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Scouting for Cache here, I have to work that day but my wife and 2 sons are planning on attending. So 3/4 of our "team" will be there. I did have an idea....Michelle will have my digital camera there and will take photos of those who agree and I will post them somewhere so that those of us that can't attend can still see what the other cachers look like. Think about it and if you see a lady that looks younger than her 35 years of age with a camera SMILE!!

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Hey guys and gals,


It came it went and I had a great time. Thanks to all of you who came out to play on those slick roads.


I am still excited by the turn out and the smiling faces I saw today. I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I would have liked, but I guess Mickey Dees has to close sometime so I still would not have had enough time. LOL.


And to answer a ? on the posts of this cache. I do see more meetings in the future. I hope the near future. I am very happy with the way it all worked out and I hope to see you all again real soon.


Hey IWILLFIND, Congrats. I just checked the score and unless Oakland pull a MAJOR rabbit out of a helmet they took it on the nose.


I am interested in keeping this going here and hooking up with you wonderful people again. So feel free to email me anytime.


And for those that could not make it, I am truly sorry and hope to meet you at the next one.


The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

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Hi jspiker!


The first cache in WV was Rich Creek Riches, which was hidden almost two years ago on February 25, 2001. It's one I've wanted to find since the beginning, but it's on the Hatfield/McCoy trails and I didn't want to pay $25 per person (or whatever they're charging now) just to find a cache.


That and West Virginia Treasure Trove were the only two caches in WV the first time I visited this site. There were five more caches by the time I had a GPS--Reach The Beech, Johnnie's Cache, Igloo At The Beech, Hawk's Beak, and Ms. Polly's Wildcat. Ok, I think were two more--one was in Thurmond, something about poker, and I don't know what else is missing now. But the five I mentioned were all by Cache-Potato, and the one in Thurmond was Tangoncache (Hey, CP--Get Tango back out there!)


My turn to ask--does anyone know what other cache was placed before 7/11/01? It's not Hatfield's View. That one was placed later and backdated (my guess is it was listed on another site for a while then copied here--I remember it had another site with an identical description.)

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There are 7 caches "listed" as being before 7/11/01. The next to earliest is WV Treasure Trove by rapp. As for rich creek riches, I wouldn't call it a "cache" exactly. You don't have to pay $25 to get there either. But you do have to take a road that a coal company dominates, but doesn't own. A car will get you within .5 miles if it's dry. Anyone interested in going email me for directions. As for WV treasure trove, it's a nice walk on almost level ground. Something I hear you really enjoy...

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I still feel like I'm missing something here...


The site shows 7 caches as being hidden before 7/11/01--the day we found Johnnie's Cache as our first cache. Hatfield's View wasn't listed yet, so I don't count that one, leaving us with 6. Johnnie's Cache was just archived, bringing it back up to 7. The cache in Thurmond was Poker Face Falls and was a cache I really wanted to find, but it was archived while we were planning to visit with Eli. Now I'm sure there were 9 caches when I started... There must have been another early cache that was archived, but I can't think of what it was just yet. Time for me to start digging!

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I guess that's what I get for growing up in Wisconsin. Also, that's why my avatar says "Oh, look, another hill!"


Check your email... you'll be getting something from me!


There's one really wonderful thing about the hilly caches around here. When we get to the cache, I get to say "WOW! I made it!" It's amazing how well that improves my view of the hike. Then there's those caches that make you go downhill to the cache and uphill to go out... That's a different story. I won't post what I say at those...

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The first cache in WV was http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=1008, which was hidden almost two years ago on February 25, 2001.


Thanks...I'd really like to visit it sometime.

I view it as sort of the "Holy Grail" of caches.

I'll look it up and try to visit sometime.


BTW/ Geat job on the publicity on the Daily Mail. I'll be looking forward to reading the story next week. icon_razz.gif

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Bookworm, to answer your question, go to Dan Miller's stats site and use the "Cache List" option, then select West Virginia. His database shows all caches, including archived caches. Here is a link to the results of that search. And the magic number is..... 136.



If there's no accounting for stupidity, then why do I need to file a tax return?

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Following the directions from Leprechauns, cache #136 is Loundon Heights Cache which is 4 months older than Rich Creek. It was archived since it was on NPS property.




Rich Creek is the oldest active cache though.

Bookworm, I don't think anyone will ever have all of the caches, as they come out too quickly and all over the state. They can also be too difficult. Here's one that you have to be a rock climber






There are currently 123 active in WV counting the one meeting.


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