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The Secret Tower

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Yesterday I went to a few caches and after finishing my last, at The Van Slyke Castle , I headed out north through the white trail. To my surprise I discovered by a beautiful outlook, a tower-like structure even nicer than the castle ruins itself! it was not far from there & I'm sure this is related to the castle in some manner but I couldn't make out its purpose.


I was wondering if anybody here would know. It's built right on the rock and I would love to see the view it has from the top, but I'm afraid the ceiling is rotting and besides not having any access to the top, I doubt it would support anybody.


I'm sure if it doesn't have any already, interesting Urban legends could be build around this place, by giving it an interesting name like ,"The Secret Tower", "The Torture Tower" or something along those lines...LOL icon_wink.gif


from the log:


"...it looked like a mini tower and I was wondering what its purpose was, as I couldn't make it out, the top did not look like it had access to be a viewing point, nor it looked like a mill to me, may be some storage area?"


I added a buch of pictures as well as a couple of aerials from my track, I totally forgot to mark a waypoint, but it was fairly easy to spot, if you follow the white trail north from the castle; it was not to far from there.


Thanks! icon_smile.gif



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Well of course I'd have to weigh in on this. When I got your email I was quite curious. Your pictures revealed the answer. I knew I had seen it before so I went to the ramapo park website and sure nuff, there's a picture identical to yours labeled water tower. Apparently when Van Slyke lived here, this was where the water was stored.


I never took the trail you went on so I never saw it. Now I have added reason to go back & do cache maitenance!!!


Excellent find!







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