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Throwdown, Found It and FTF... in a cache disabled by reviewer!

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Hi all!!!


After a period of absence due to my work life I am back and just to find out my fears have come true... Brazil is more and more.... well, see for yourself and take your own conclusions:


Praça Universidade Mackenzie - GC55RQ8


Specially this log:


Found it Laferre found Traditional Cache Praça Universidade Mackenzie


And the text of the log, because he might change it:


Sa, 27 Jun 2015 @ 9:50 - Cache 1099 - {*FTF*} 105


Este cache nunca me saía da cabeça… tentei contactar o owner sem sucesso e tentei esquecer o assunto.


Mas na viagem para Alemanha tive oportunidade de conversar com muitos Geocachers e sempre puxava este assunto para saber as opiniões.

O que fazer com um cache que desapareceu junto com o owner??


Depois de muito papo e muitas opiniões fui reforçando cada vez mais minha visão sobre esta brincadeira. Sem coloaboração o Geocaching não vai em frente; principalmente quando esta começando em um país com tantos desafios como o Brasil.


Então voltei decidido a repor o cache o mais próximo possível da realidade desenhada pelo CO. Espero que o cache dure um pouco mas neste local é realmente difícil.


Um abraço, Laferre.


PS: agora logando o cache vejo que foi desativado… QUE COSA TRISTE!! Exatamente o que queria evitar.

Tenho que lembrar de atualizar os dados dos caches no iPhone antes de ir… não é a primeira vez que poderia evitar perder tempo.


Free translating it to english it says:


"Sa, 27 Jun 2015 @ 9:50 - Cache 1099 - {*FTF*} 105


This cache never came out of my head... tried to talk to the owner but without success and tried to forget this.


But in the trip I made to Germany had the opportunity to talk to many Geocachers and always asked about this subject to get opinions: What to do when a cache disappeared together wit the owner??


After many talks and many opinions I reinforced more and more my vision about this game. Without collaboration Geocaching will not go forward, specially when it is starting in a country with so many challenges as Brazil.


So I came back decided to replace the cache closest as possible to the reality designed by the CO. Hope this cache lasts a while but in this place is really difficult.


Hugs, LaFerre.


P.S: Logging it now I realise it was disabled... HOW SAD!!!! Exactly what I wanted to avoid. I have to remind myself to update all iPhone date before I go... It is not the first time I could have avoided a waist of time."


So... maybe I will find now some very old caches, that where never found just by placing a Throwdown and saying FTF, even if they are archived with the excuse of not updating my cellphone... REALLY?!?!?!? :ph34r:


Welcome to the Wild Wild West of Geocaching!!!!! <_<


PS: As you can see the cache had a Maintenance Request and was Disable by a Reviewer more than 20 days before the actual post... Even tho the post has the date of June 27th, it was actually written in the cache yesterday, July 9th!!!!

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It's happening more and more. And sanctioned by many geocachers. If only GS would crack down on this behavior.


Here's one from a cache that had been missing for 8 months, no response from the owner. I post an NM then the next cacher posts this:

Happened to be in [the area] early this morning on business and noticed the cache was still not found or maintained. I love this cache as it inspires those to aim for the stars and wouldn't want to see it archived.

So I have taken the liberty to replace the cache with a new magnetic plastic hide-a-key with replacement log in a baggy at or very close to Gz.

With your permission, I will claim the smiley so other cachers will not waste their time visiting here. I and many others - better cachers than I am - have not found it in a very long time.


Thank you so much for placing this cache...

"inspires those to aim for the stars"....it was a container carpet taped to the inside of one leg of a water tower, and had the word Rocket in the title.


Recently I heard of about 20 people at an event passing around a film canister to sign. Then they put it on a tree where a cache went missing months ago and the cache owner long gone, no longer playing the game with an inactive email account. They claimed the find and actually said in a couple of logs that they created this [pocket] event cache and left the throwdown until the cache owner could get around to maintaining his cache.

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To quote a flying pig:


Here we go again... Yes I need to quote this infamous quote by Jeremy himself.


Bickering over the rules of a cache "find" was never the intent of Geocaching.com. There's no prize, no leaderboard, and no trophy, so there's no reason to get your knickers in a twist about anyone else's definition of a find.


Now, for my opinion:



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