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There's a conversation on this topic around here somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment. This is not a terrible bug, just some App weirdness that would be great if I could opt out of.


I have a wifi-only iPad4 (it identifies a location using wifi). At home, it shows the location on the map just fine, and of course I don't use it for navigation unless I've set up an external receiver.


On starting the iPhone Intro App, a message in the App "Location Unavailable" slides down into view, then it happens a couple of minutes later. While testing this, I also once got a pop-up message that "Turning on Bluetooth will improve location accuracy" (from the iPad's Location Service?). Neither of these messages has any value as an alert, and neither seems be true. If there were a selection to disable both, I'd select it.




The App is portrait-only on my iPad that rests landscape-only in its case, which is why most of the displayed picture is sideways.

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