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Geocache names not displaying when i click

Pond Bird

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No sooner than I post that, it starts working again. Could someone could figure out why it sometimes doesn't work???? This is not the first time I have noticed this problem, but most of the time it can be fixed by refreshing the screen.

Yeah it was working fine after I posted this. Now its saying "Error Occured" when I click on the cache listing!

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I've been having the same trouble, but I can't even click on the listing. The map opens and shows me all caches, but my cursor is a hand, not an arrow, and I can't point to or click on any cache icons. Since this is my preferred method of finding nearby caches or routing out a trip, I'm stuck!! :(:mad:

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I was having the same problem of not being able to click on a cache icon on the map, same problem in IE and chrome. just checked now before posting this note and it is working? have seen it run slow before but it would always start to work after a couple seconds. makes me wonder why I keep my premium?

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I noticed this "feature" long time ago. But be shure ... they won't change the map too soon.


Try two things:


a.) Reduce the Caches on the map, while disabling cachetypes on the left search panel.


b.) Use the alternative-Map on gc-project_com which is still beta but uses the GC-API after all.


Hope it works.


Thanks to st3phan for his useful suggestions. Tried reducing the number of caches on map page down to just unfound caches - still unable to access cache pages; and a similar result over at projectgeocaching or their maps - although in their defence, they do point out that their maps are still very much in the development stage and that what you are accessing is just a ''sneak preview''.

I'm now going to submit a ''help'' email to Groundspeak, as I believe this situation is unacceptable and needs explanation. It's such a basic staple of cachers globally to access caches via their maps, and if enough of us ask for help hopefully we may receive some.

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