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Searching in Iphone Intro app gives incorrect results

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Every time I search location, city name on Iphone Intro App, it takes me to OBERLIN in KANSAS. I know that the place in near RICHMOND, VIRGINIA.


GeoCode search works fine but searching with location, city name does not work on Iphone intro app as it does on website.


Any thoughts on the bug??


-Fellow Geocacher from Richmond, VA


archHunters :D :D

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You really ought not to compare the app to the website. It isn't the website.


It is far easier to perform broad searches on the website... something the app is not designed to do. It WILL perform a live search providing caches local to your location --or-- you can scroll the map to the desired location and have it perform another search based upon that area you have scrolled the map to.


A solution, of sorts.

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