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accuracy of GPS 64s

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As good as any other consumer, non corrected GPS. Regardless of what the unit states, the best you get with a clear view of the sky in a WAAS serviced area is 4 meters without WAAS and 2.5 meters with WAAS. Less with any obsructions, reflections, bad satellite pattern and so on.

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Using GPS + GLONASS mode, and with WAAS turned off, I typically see 3m (9 ft.) EPE "accuracy". Not sure if that is the info you are looking for.

From this reference:


"If the GPS displays an Accuracy of 10m, does this mean it is 10m from the actual / absolute location?


MOST DEFINITELY NOT !! Firstly it is a measure of precision and in no way indicates accuracy. GPS's display to the user an estimate of position error (EPE)....."


Or, EPE is not a measure of accuracy, but a measure of precision. However, as the article continues, the manufacturers do not provide a qualitative value of the percentage of readings that are within the displayed values of EPE.


Regarding the definitions of precision and accuracy, I accept those from here:


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