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Gill & Tony

Switzerland - Grindelwald to Vaduz

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We will be spending the first week of October in Switzerland next year. One day we plan to drive from Grindelwald to Vaduz via Reichenbach Falls.


Google Earth takes us via Lucerne and Zug, but we want to ignore that option and drive the alpine passes. Ther are two choices, each having two options and I would appreciate advice as to choice of route.


Leaving the Falls, we can either go to Wassen on route 11 or to Andermatt via route 8 and route 19 over the Grimselpass.


Having arrived at Wassen/Andermatt, we can either go to Chur on route 19 or go North to Altdorf and then take route 17 and route 3 to Walensee.


I am not bothered about going to Chur and Walensee looks like it might be scenic, so I am leaning towards that option for the second part of the trip. However, I simply don't know which of the first two would be more scenic and/or have better caching opportunities.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Also, any general advice on driving in Switzerland, cache hides which are common in Switzerland but rare elsewhere, general advice for newcomers to Switzerland. I'll take any and all advice I can receive.





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One word of warning to driving in Switzerland. Keep to the speed limits everywhere. Last year I was 1 km over the limit and it cost me about 50 Aus. dollar.

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