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Lost a Travel Bug

Jbird and Zip

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We headed out on a 6-week road trip with five TBs in hand. One specifically wanted to go to Seattle, and we were heading from California into Eastern Washington, so we set that one aside. We dropped one on day two of the trip, about 250 miles from home. Got to an Aliens Among Us near Spokane and dropped the one that wanted to go to Seattle, since we'd not be getting any closer. Two days later, we hit a nice Regular cache in northern Washington, but when we looked for our three other TBs, they were nowhere to be seen. We searched everywhere, no luck.


We assumed we must have lost the bag they were in, and intended to contact the original owners when we returned home, but two of them have been discovered and grabbed. One had been grabbed from Aliens Among Us, the second one from the same place we dropped the cache on day two.


So we're now officially in possession of one more TB, which must be somewhere but we don't know where. I suppose we could wait until somebody finds and grabs it, or go back to plan A and fess up to the original owner, but I can't figure out how to remove it from our inventory. Thoughts, anyone?

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You can't remove it from your inventory unless you log it as put into a cache. If you fess up to the TO, they can mark the trackable as missing, which will take it out of your inventory.


Unfortunate situation. I hope it turns up soon!


Well what do you know - somebody has discovered it in Aliens Among Us. So we must have dropped it there along with the other two while not paying attention! In our defense, it was very hot that day and that's a very cool location.


I'll offically drop it right now. Thanks for your quick response.

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