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Thank you, Keystone Approver


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Yesterday we hid a new cache. This morning, when checking the website we not only found out that our cache was approved, but we also had a nice email from Keystone Approver.


The important thing is that we now have a local, who knows local problems approving our caches. Thank you Keystone Approver for volunteering your time and knowledge.

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I recently placed two new caches, and I couldn't agree more with Waterboy's post. The feedback from this approver was very prompt and friendly. They also asked good questions about cache details to quicken the approval process. Good job KA!! icon_smile.gif


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I saw Keystone Approver in action ten days or so ago, when I was chatting online with a local caching buddy. He was putting the finishing touches on a challenging cache, and we worked on a "note to admin" to explain some of the quirks. He submits the cache, and we keep on talking about other things. A little while later, the cache is approved and online, and he has a nice e-mail from Keystone Approver!


I've had one cache submission archived by Keystone Approver. I had overlooked a new rule (since they all aren't posted in one place). She was polite about it. (I think there's a "she" involved here... but just basing that on the avatar.)


She seems to know her stuff about the DCNR cache permit process, which is a good thing. It's good to have an admin based in PA. Thanks for your work!



Some mornings, it just doesn't pay to chew through the leather straps. - Emo Phillips

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

The Leprechauns? MissJen? Rich in NEPA? Other guesses?

Originally posted by The Leprechauns:

I think there's a "she" involved here... but just basing that on the avatar.


If I admit that "she" is me, do I get heaps of praise, discounts on geocaching merchandise, and extra helpings of food and beverages at event caches? If so, then, OK - I'll tell everyone it is me.


I mean, think about it: it's a good time to make everyone think Keystone Approver is me - no one hates K.A. yet!


-- I recognize fun when I see it.

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

Or maybe it's Waterboy With Wife, trying to get any suspicion off his back by posting this.


_"Au pays des aveugles, les borgnes sont rois"_

They should know that trick didn't work when you tried it though.

Whoever it is, I'm glad to see more regional approvers, whoever they may be. As more and more officials get wind of geocaching, there are going to be more rules. It sucks, but it's inevitable.

You need to have people involved in the local caching scene to keep track of whats legal and whats not. I'm close enough to PA that some caches there come up on newest caches listings. I noticed one NJ cacher hid a cache in PA a month or so ago.

I guess he wasn't familiar with PA's permit system, and the cache approver I guess forgot or didnt notice either and approved it. I guess the locals or the park itself complained, and it was removed from the site the next day, but it still could have hurt things for all the legit PA cachers. Maybe having an approver just for PA, s/he can better check each cache placement before they get posted, and prevent such things from happening again.


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Kudos to both the Keystone Approver and the NJ admin.


The NJ admin reviewed my caches with in hours of me enabling them and then asked the Keystone Approver to handle them (Im guessing so the NJ admin could possibly hunt these caches with out knowing the secrets). The Keystone approver was very fast and even gave me some god tips on making the caches even better!


thanks to both!


"Problems are merely opportunities for interesting solutions which can be implemented by those with the courage to be different."

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Originally posted by mr.magoo:

The Keystone approver was very fast and even gave me some god tips on making the caches even better!

God tips? Here's ONE cacher who has things straight and is guaranteed quick approval of his geocaches.


But I'm not a geocaching Goddess, even though Magoo may think so. I am just another geocacher like the rest of you, who was ASKED to help out with approvals in Pennsylvania. Since I didn't volunteer for the job, I have no agenda. I only want to get the caches approved as quickly as possible and to help people who have questions or found that their cache had to be archived. I want to have as many quality geocaches out there as possible, for all of us to hunt.


Thanks everybody for all your kind words. If I make a mistake (I've done that allready) or you disagree with a judgment call, let me know that, too.



Saving the day and approving all the caches... before bedtime!

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