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whereyougo (Android) autodownload not working?

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I've been using Whereyougo without problems for a while, downloading on the fly as I have my logon credentials typed into the whereyougo settings. But after changing my Groundspeak, I keep getting a "CONNECTION : ERROR" as soon as I click download when the whereyougo app page appears just after the cache page on the web or c:geo.

I've changed my GC.com login password on whereyougo to match the new one, reinstalled whereyougo, cleared app cache, logged in and out of all sites to double-check the password, and still get the connection error.

Anyone else experienced this?

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One can always go about downloading the cartridge the old fashioned way, by mounting your phone as a removable hard drive, downloading the .gwc file and dragging it into the folder. I wish there was a simple answer/solution to this.

For Android devices, go into a browser on the phone and download the cartridge. Bring up a file manager app, go to your downloads folder, and move the GWC to the WhereYouGo folder.


It pains me I have things to make it better, just waiting in the wings.

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(Connecting: Error)

When it wasn't working I sniffed the network traffic with Shark and noticed some "SSL Handshake failed" announcements.

Then that's related to the other can't log in issue. I alerted Groundspeak to this two weeks ago. Per the norm, nothing has been done and, hence, I will continue to mention this on my subsequent phone conversations, much as I had the completion code issue.

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