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NEW COIN - Australia Outback


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NEW - Australia Outback Geocoin




Here we can show you the first officially pictures of the Australia Geocoin. We produced 5 diffrent Versions and one Artist Edition.

In the front the Ayersrock appears as a 3 dimensional structure and looks very mystic behind the translucent color.

Depending on the sunlight the Uluru looks very realistic and gives the coin a very nice flair.

On the backside you can see the animals from Australia.


- Measuring: Ø 50 mm

- Thickness: 3.5 mm

- Weight: 20 g


Here are the different versions:




Midnight-Satin nickel / black RE (100)

Midday-Antique copper / blue SE (100)

Twilight-Antique bronze / brown LE (75)

Sunset-Antique silver / red XLE (50)

Sunrise-Antique gold / orange XLE (50)


These Australia Geocoin will be available on Saturday 13th of June 2015 here.


If you like them you can leave a comment.

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Bought them in Xanten. :) Nice ones, somewhat resembling the African Safari geocoins. (It is interesting that the shapes of Africa and Australia are quite similar when one is rotated by 90 degrees and then reflected.) The translucency effect on the Ayers Rock looks really fine on these coins.

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Are there any of these left? (complete sets) and whats the cost in AUD posted to Australia? Cheers


I am currently working on a new batch for this geocoin. They will be available mid or end of this month.

We also ship the coins to Australia. But because of holyday we are not sending coins till 16th of August.

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The summer holydays are over and Kuertu has got the new versions of the Australia Geocoin.

The run on the popular Outback Geocoins was huge, we decided to reproduce a second and last batch.

6 new Version are available. This time a special satin copper version and a black Nickel version has been produced.

Also very nice are the polished metal versions.


These new Versions of the Australia Geocoin will be available on Sunday 30th of August 2015 here.

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