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Event: Ursus Maritimus Cedit Mare V - Saturday June 20 10am - Clifton 4th

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Dear caching community


These forums seem to have slowed down somewhat and unusually I find myself the only one logged in at present.


But as the title says the 5th Annual Polar Bear event


Ursus Maritimus Cedit Mare V

is taking place on Saturday 20 June at 10am on Clifton 4th Beach


Lets try and get record numbers attending and swimming.


For those on the know they would not miss it for those who do not know, we pick the shortest day of the year (mid winter solstice) and go for an icy dip at Clifton.


Because its mad, its fun and we can.


You do not not have to swim to attend this event - although I should probably list two events - one on the beach and the other in the water!!!! That will separate the men from the boys!


So look out for the listing which I have submitted for review just minutes ago the GC code is GC5X1KK but that link probably will not work yet till its published.


See you there






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The weather is looking to be a fine warm sunny 21 degrees for Saturday


Bring your friends


Bring your kids


Bring your smile


Leave your dog at home.



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