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BassonPilot reaches 800 finds!

Skully & Mulder et al.

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Thanks everyone for your kind words and comments. I had noticed a few weeks back that the bad weather we've experienced this winter put me in position to log #800 on 03/03/03, which I thought was fun and memorable.


Now, to figure out what to do for 04/04/04 ... in the meantime, I look forward to reading all your posts/logs, cross-visiting caches with you, and meeting you on the trails and/or at GeoEvents.



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It seems almost pointless for me to congratulate such a man as BassoonPilot. Yeah verily there is no greater cacher who I have experienced, yes there are many who have more finds, yet this man is unstopable (almost.) Lo, there is no mountain steep enough, no hike long enough, no bridge high enough, no puzzle too complex that Mark doesn't seek, solve and find in record time, often quicker than it took the hider to place! So whatever praise this humble beginner could hope to raise in his name is still only a small fraction of his greatness. A mighty Geocacher indeed!


King Pellinore

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Originally posted by Skully & Mulder et al.:

... that pilot-musician guy ...


Helmut, it's "work before pleasure," therefore: "that musician-pilot guy." icon_wink.gif

Oh, wait a minute ... I cache at day and work at night, so it is "pleasure before work." Nevermind, you were right! icon_wink.gif


And Team Shibby, I'm just finishing up a cache in the southern neck-of-your-woods that I think you'll enjoy. icon_smile.gif

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