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Frolickin takes all Tneigel Caches


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Congradulation Fro!

Here is his log from "One Armed Bandit." See the notes after the list. Now I have an adjenda to archive and find new hiding places.


---Fro Log-------------------------


Well, this is it, Tom. I have completed all of your caches with this log. I have logged 108 tnegiel caches.


Tom's Caches That I Have Found

FindDate Find# OfficialCacheName

15-Jun-02 24 Your John Hancock, DreamChazer

16-Jun-02 27 Oh, Estelle. Don't spoil me.

21-Jun-02 29 PSE+G Persecution

21-Jun-02 30 Eastpoint Lighthouse

26-Jun-02 33 Elise #5

27-Jun-02 37 Toolbox #1 at Jake's Landing

02-Jul-02 38 Cape May Point Lighthouse Trek

03-Jul-02 40 Chirp, Chirp

05-Jul-02 42 You Gotta See This!

05-Jul-02 43 Atsion Hotel Days

18-Jul-02 45 Pennys on the tracks

18-Jul-02 46 Hampton Furnace of the Pines

18-Jul-02 47 Really Small Things

18-Jul-02 49 Ahhh, be my Friend

29-Jul-02 57 What's that stickin outa my house?

29-Jul-02 59 Elise #6

29-Jul-02 60 Hadrosaurus FoulkII

13-Oct-02 84 The Absolute End of New Jersey

26-Oct-02 102 Power-up for StayFloopy

26-Oct-02 103 Walk those Planks, CCCooperAgency

26-Oct-02 105 HOT TEA

26-Oct-02 106 Don't step in that ShellPile

02-Nov-02 107 Take a Pea

02-Nov-02 108 You Gota See This: Four

27-Nov-02 130 2-D Caching

29-Nov-02 135 Grave of Joe Mulliner

29-Nov-02 136 5 Little Bridges

29-Nov-02 137 Pink Surprise

27-Dec-02 138 Pill Bottle 1 - Elmer Rails-to-Trails Series

27-Dec-02 139 Pill Bottle 2 - Elmer Rails to Trails Series

27-Dec-02 140 Take a Driving Tour

27-Dec-02 141 The Other One

27-Dec-02 142 Last Lookout?

30-Dec-02 150 Constable Bridge(s)

30-Dec-02 151 Boat or Hike Friendly at Constable Bridge

30-Dec-02 152 Canoe 2 - Mullica River

31-Dec-02 153 Dam-It!

31-Dec-02 154 Prospector Bob is Looken for nother Grub Stake

31-Dec-02 155 Canoe 1 - Mullica River

01-Feb-03 171 You gota see this Three.

01-Feb-03 176 You Gotta See This! Two

02-Feb-03 180 The Red Bank?

08-Feb-03 181 Palmyra Nature Park (3 of 3) - A tall lookout

08-Feb-03 182 Palmyra Nature Park (1 of 3) - Double-Barrel

14-Feb-03 183 Field of Dreams

26-Feb-03 194 Bridge to NoWhere 2

01-Mar-03 195 World's First all Recycled Bridge

01-Mar-03 198 Rancocas 2 - A leftover cache.

15-Mar-03 202 To Die For..

15-Mar-03 203 What the heck is this place?

15-Mar-03 204 Washington Ruins in the Pines

15-Mar-03 205 Joe Mulliner Caught at Washington Tavern

15-Mar-03 207 Batsto Station, all aboard!

15-Mar-03 210 Tom's Grave (Charles Wills Gravesite)

21-Mar-03 212 The Lodges are Open

21-Mar-03 213 Eagle Tavern of 1799

23-Mar-03 214 Eat that Pie in the Sun

23-Mar-03 216 Stationary Cache

23-Mar-03 217 Owsego Pine Barrens Log Book

23-Mar-03 218 Bear Swamp Booty

30-Mar-03 230 Of Historical Significance - You add the history

18-Apr-03 243 Over the Bridge to Simms Place

18-Apr-03 244 Harrisville Gas

18-Apr-03 245 Jessie Evans Mansion

18-Apr-03 246 Nash's Cabin

18-Apr-03 247 Most Elusive Calico

18-Apr-03 248 Ellis Adams Farmhouse in Calico

18-Apr-03 250 The Utter Fear of No Man's Land

24-Apr-03 258 Dot & Brooks Evert Toolbox

24-Apr-03 260 Lebanon CD Cache

24-Apr-03 261 Lebanon Ghostly Trek

24-Apr-03 262 Spiders and Creapy Crawly Things

24-Apr-03 263 Totally Miserable Tom

27-Apr-03 265 Lights in my eyes, Captain

27-Apr-03 266 View of it all!

03-May-03 273 The Bones of Tom Neigel

03-May-03 280 Oh Kathleen, I'll hop for you!

30-May-03 310 MacArthur Park is melting in the sun

30-May-03 312 Palmyra Nature Park (2 of 3)- Trek for the cache

30-May-03 314 Toolbox #2


July 22 by Frolickin (462 found)

User's web page

You can [delete] or [permanently encrypt] this log entry.

01-Jun-03 320 Boom

01-Jun-03 326 Pay that toll, Joelsd

01-Jun-03 327 Quaker Burial Ground - 1778

01-Jun-03 328 Arboretum, NOT!

01-Jun-03 329 Disney 4-Park Hopper Ticket

14-Jun-03 351 Bridge that goes Nowhere?

27-Jun-03 372 Above it All

27-Jun-03 373 Castles at the Hook??

27-Jun-03 374 Batteries, anyone?

27-Jun-03 376 Just a sandy spit.

30-Jun-03 395 Washout!

30-Jun-03 396 XXXXXXbog Village cache

30-Jun-03 397 Colliers Mills - I hate Tom cache!

30-Jun-03 398 Colliers Mills - Success?

30-Jun-03 400 Have a Great Adventure

30-Jun-03 402 Jackson Forest Gill Putman Park

12-Jul-03 420 Cattus Island Fishen Box

12-Jul-03 421 YOU STINK!

12-Jul-03 422 Forged in Iron

13-Jul-03 427 Other Side #2

13-Jul-03 429 Shark River 2 of 5

13-Jul-03 430 Shark River 5 of 5

13-Jul-03 432 Lookout 2

18-Jul-03 440 The Scenic Overlook

18-Jul-03 445 My ***-unpink? #2

19-Jul-03 451 Monmouth Battlefield Troop Movements

22-Jul-03 462 Arboretum - YES

22-Jul-03 463 One arm Bandit - Upside down



First: Your John Hancock, DreamChazer

Last: One Arm Bandit

Toughest: Batsto Station, all aboard! (tough choice. This one had me stumped for the clue wasn’t helpful to me as I didn’t see the thing)

Easiest: Of Historical Significance - You add the history

Most Clever: World's First all Recycled Bridge

Most Fun: Nash's Cabin (I got to do this one with my two caching buddies.)

Most Interesting Animals Spotted: Have a Great Adventure

Most Insects: You Stink ! and Toolbox #1 at Jake's Landing

Cache Completed During Honeymoon: Cape May Point Lighthouse Trek

Caches That Were First Finds: HOT TEA, Field of Dreams, Bridge to NoWhere 2, The Bones of Tom Neigel, and Arboretum – YES

Furthest: Castles at the Hook

Closest: Chirp, Chirp

Place That Made Me Say ‘’Wow!’’: The Lodges are Open

Longest Hike: Monmouth Battlefield Troop Movements

Most Wet I Got Seeking: Boom

Most Memorable: You Stink!


Caches I didn't get a chance to find (all archived before I could hunt them):

Rocky, the choked chicken! (immediately)

Crack in the Wall (Maryland)

Just Han’en Around (Maryland)

Western Maryland Rail Trail or C&O (Maryland)

Finally, a dry one!

LiZards AtTack!


How am I going to get that?

My ***-unpink? #1

Ghosts of Georgia Tavern Rd. (looked for after the fact. Wasn’t there)

Shark River 1 of 5

Shark River 3 of 5

Shark River 4 of 5

Quaker Bridge Crossing

Clayton #3

Twice the Trouble

Lookout! (found replacement)

Now, or wait 10 years

Manasquan Reservoir Cache 2

New Opening - Nature Center (have been there numerous times. Never realized it was a virt until just now)

Ole Prospector Bob (found replacement)

Other Side (found replacement)

Manasquan 3


Chirp, Chirp deserves special mention. This cache wasn't the best or the hardest or whatever. It was, however, the cache that expanded geocaching for me. I looked and could not find it. I recall being disappointed. When I got home I looked at the cache page (I used to print them . . . hee hee) and it dawned on me that I needed to use another dimension. Sure enough, I went back and found it right where I had been frustrated. Tom, like the cache, you have added another dimension to this game. You placed caching on the map in South Jersey.


Thank you,


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