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SWPA Event for Serious Geocachers

Quest Master

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I just posted an event cache for serious geocachers who might like to travel to the beautiful Laurel Highlands region of Southwestern Pennsylvania to camp out and try some challenging geocaches. The event will be held at Ohiopyle State Park on October 3-5. Camping accomodation has been arranged for tents only in a group campsite. I hope to get at least a few persons from our neighbors in West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. New Jersey folks can come too if they are not afraid of the woods.






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I'm just bumping this up to save it from sliding into oblivion. icon_frown.gif


Did I forget to mention that the camping is FREE?! icon_biggrin.gif


There are some really fun caches to try if you're up to the challenge...


Falls City

Bear Run

Ohiopyle Cache One

Rocky Riffles

Liston School Road


Elk Rock

Cranberry Osprey

Iron Center


Sand Quarry

Laurel Ridge

Pine Knob CITO

Summit Cache One

Polly Takes the Plunge

Cache Twenty-Two

Scattered Remains

Laurel Caverns Cache



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Originally posted by EliJoMikMiNi:

I wanted to come to this event and spend the week-end camping...but I don't think my cache-mobile is up to the challenge. 1999 Saturn. No special eguipment or tires. Sounds like I need a Jeep or maybe 4WD.


You don't need no Jeep. The majority of the caches were placed by me and my cachemobile is a 1992 Dodge Colt Hatchback. It's a little stressful driving it on some of these roads but you can make it. Also, there's a pretty good chance that there will be somebody else at the event who does have a 4WD who would be willing to give you a ride. Group hunts can be a lot of fun!



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Originally posted by Quest Master:

The majority of the caches were placed by me and my cachemobile is a 1992 Dodge Colt Hatchback.

correction: 1972 Dodge Colt Hatchback


This is a sad, sad trend on my part: Yet again, I cannot log a smiley face on a QuestMaster event. I will be out of state that weekend. sad.gif We WILL be out that way at some point with the Jeep, though, and I will just contact you when that blessed day arrives.

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Little Leprechaun and I will be there for part of Saturday and all of Sunday's fun (she has a dance competition Saturday morning). We have 4WD and would have room for 3 other geocachers for a hunt or two. We would be glad to spend a part of the day helping out someone who has never visited the Fayette Cong, but would feel more comfortable doing so with someone along who has done so before and has some of the necessary gear. If you look in "The Leprechauns' Top 10% Greatest Cache Hunts" list on our profile page, you will see that there are some can't-miss geocaches in the Fayette Cong. And we've only found a few of them!



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Hampton is a four miles mountain bike ride down an unimproved rail trail known as the Indian Creek Valley Trail. It's a great ride!


The Youghiogheny River Trail passes through Ohiopyle State Park and there are a few caches that you can get to easily from it. The YRT is one segment of the proposed Great Allegheny Passage trail which will eventually run all the way from Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh. There is already 100 miles of continuous trail finished from Myersdale, PA to Ohiopyle to McKeesport, PA. It's less than one mile down the trail to Falls City (GC271D) and seven miles to Rocky Riffles (GCGVXZ). Beyond that there is Lost Village of Litte Falls (24 miles), Layton Place (30 miles), Cedar Creek Gorge (38 miles), and Dead Man's Hollow (57 miles). In the opposite direction from Ohiopyle there is Casselman Cache (36 miles) and High Flyers (40 miles). How far can you ride?



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How far can you ride?


Not that far! But this should get me started, thanks!


I've been to Lost Village and Layton Place (and they were good bike caches) so I'll check out the others.


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