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I usually made it a standard practice to watch a cache after i had visited it to make sure there were no problems with the next visitor or two, or to lend a hand if needed. I have slowly been getting more and more daily mail about cache finds. Finally, I decided to cleanup. I was astonished to find I was watching over 200 caches! I have cut my list down to the nearby caches ( incase someone reports a trouble , i can help out) and also some of the more memorable caches I have hunted. I think Im down to about 25 now.


I was curious how many caches to most folks 'watch'?


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I normally put caches on my watch list until at least the next finder locates it (so I know if there's a problem) and also some caches close to me (same reason as Magoo).


Also - some of my favorites I watch just to see who goes for 'em, but lately (since the stats site disappeared), I just use Watcher to read the latest logs in the area from my pocketqueries.


I wish there was an option to get a consolidated email of all your 'watch hits' for a day.



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I only use the watch feature as a shortcut to access archived "controversial" cache pages from outside my area.


I don't put caches I plan on finding or have found on the watch list. Sometimes I go down the list of caches on "My Cache Page" and click on an old favorite to see who's been there.


I also keep up with caches that interest me by following the "newest logs" list.


I do, however, "watch" every travel bug that has gone through my hands. That list badly needs a fall cleaning/pruning, so thanks for the reminder.

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I watch caches I just found until the next person, I'd hate being the last person who found a cache before it was plundered. I think I got a guilt complex!


Also, I watch those I've loaded into my GPS as their status may change to archived or some other problem before I go for them.



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We usually the next few that we'd like to go find in the home area. If we're going to travel we just look up the ones nearest our area.


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