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Intro app and Apple Watch

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I've been testing Intro app with Apple watch, and here's few issues which I've noticed so far.


1) Logging a cache from the watch does not update the cache list in the intro app on the phone. Cache still stays in the list of caches even if you have filtered found caches. Also the map symbol does not update until you re-filter the list.


2) Occasionally the connection between watch and the intro app seems to be dead, the watch selects some old cache and if you try to return to the cache list, it stays empty. Also if you try to navigate to the cache, the direction and distance will not update. You can get around by activating the intro app on phone, which will make the watch app to crash and after re-launch it usually works correctly.


3) Sometimes after logging cache on the watch, there is not close-button in the congratulations-screen. Only way to get back to the cache list is by killing the app on watch.


4) Watch will navigate only to the cache's master location, it is not possible to navigate to a waypoint for example. Selecting the waypoint in intro app will not change the location in watch. Mystery caches and multi caches are no go with the watch.


5) Heading-based navigation on the phone is pretty hopeless. The compass just spins in random directions and gives no useful input at all. Maybe there could be an option to use phone's compass instead (provided that you put your phone to your front pocket) or something?


6) Maybe there could be an user-configurable list of predefined log messages for the log cache screen in the watch app. Now you always have to dictate, and it's a bit annoying as it understands only English at the moment (curiously, in messaging app, the watch understands Finnish reasonably well, but there seems to be no way to force dictation language).

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I downloaded the app for watch today, and I really like the idea of having the ability to navigate to the cache from my wrist. I have however noticed some instability as my watch is currently locked into a cache that is close to my location. When I touch the screen, I get a loading icon and the word geocaching displayed on the screen, and about 30 seconds later the watch app crashes. On re-opening the app, it is still reflecting the previous locked in cache.

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