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Austrian Geocaching trip (in July)

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Hello Fellow Geocachers,


Me and my friend are planning to do a little bit of exploration and geocaching in Austria. Our goal is to start from Salzburg, Austria and go around the area. Our goal is to explore the surrounding villages and cities. The area is called Salzkammergut and I have linked a map:



We plan the length of the trip to be up to 2 weeks. It will be divided into 2 parts in case some people can not manage to stay for 2 weeks. During the first week, we will visit the most essential places and the second week is more about gastronomy and relaxing.


For now we can not provide you with an exact date and further details, but we plan to do it during July, 2015. Also it depends on the number of people a smaller team can easier be managed, while a bigger team need more cooperation.


We are at the phase of planing (route, accomodation, food, etc.), geocachers who are interested are invited to join our planing sessions (email, skype).


I am looking forward to meet with fellow geocachers!



CTHun (Thomas)

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