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Any recommendations for brief visit? Springfield VA


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Hi All:


My husband was suddenly given a job interview in Springfield, VA next week. We will be arriving on June 23 and leaving June 24. I'm wondering if anyone out there could recommend anything in the area that I could do quickly while he's in his interview. I've looked at the Springfield listings, but not being familiar with the area, it's hard to know. We'll be at the Hilton.







Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. --Galadriel, "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Of the Ring"

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I should also mention that I will not have access to a car while there.


Thanks again.




Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. --Galadriel, "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Of the Ring"

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22150 is the zip code for the Hilton, if you want to do a search. I did, and only 2 are within a mile (Confession and Lap 2). Both are multi-stage, and look to be fairly difficult.


If you do get transportation, and can find your way to Telegraph road towards Alexandria, check out these, which should come up from the same search (zipcode 22150): Rambo's Huntley meadows, Huntley Meadows by Wandering Dragon (Those 2 are on opposite ends of the park, you cannot get to one from the entrance you take to reach the other.. We tried), and Lee's District (not far from Rambo's Huntley Meadows). The area is a wetlands park, or close to it, so it gets a bit soggy, and there can be mosquitos and ticks.

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I guess the answer depends on what you would like to do. Without wheels your options for traditional caches are limited. However the Hilton is relatively close (~1mi) to the metro which can get you to downtown DC where a world of virtuals awaits.


If you prefer the traditional route I would certainly recommend two of the aforementioned caches (since they are mine) but they on the difficult side and Confession? is a puzzle cache that is not at the listed coordinates. There are 3 caches in nearby Lake Accotink that are not too far away that might be an option: O&A RR, I Spy, and DB Cooper. Hope this helps somewhat. If you have additonal questions let us know.


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- Rudyard Kipling "The Explorer"

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If you can get a taxi or some transportation go to nearby (about 5 miles from Hilton) Burke Lake. Thee are about 8 to 11 caches you can get just by walking the trail around the lake. The zip for Burke Lake is 22039. There are also amusements and a train ride for the kids.

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