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Garmin Colorado 400T for sale

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I have a Garmin Colorado 400T for sale. We bought it Cabelas will all intentions of hiking and using it to find the topography of different areas. Well...you guessed it....we NEVER did it. I promise when I say...other than a hike or 2 around our property.....it has never been used anywhere. It is in excellent condition other than i can't find the box or booklet. I did print the user guide off the internet. I'm asking $150 for it. I can't remember exactly what we paid but I was thinking it was about $400 back in the day. I also have the original cord and it has been in a case the whole time. It also has a belt clip. If you would like to see pictures I can text them or email them to you. My email address is lilxplrer@yahoo.com. Please put GPS in the subject line.

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