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pocket queries

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what do you mean a feature "akin" to pocket queries?

it's either pocket queries (ie offline lists) or it isn't.


or are you simply trying to create a situation where people have to pay to be premium and then pay for a second app to get feature.

if that is the case, and i hope it isn't, then GR has some serious issues where it comes to alienating their customers.

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Not sure this is the correct place for this but here goes...


Every once in a while, I'll create a pocket query, select today as the day to run and hit submit and nothing happens. When you view the query in the list, it says NEVER ran. Other times, I think I do the exact same thing and the query runs right away. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? I know the site is on Pacific time and I'm not running this anytime near midnight so it should not be the wrong day of he week. It's very frustrating.

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Thanks chenks. Obviously if I knew the correct sub-forum, I would ask it there. Can you give me a hint? ;) The title at the top of this says "Pocket Queries" NOT "intro" geocaching app - maybe that should be corrected? I apologize, I'm not a huge forum user so I don't know all the hidey holes for questions.

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the"How Do I?" sub-forum would seem like the obvious choice.


Thanks that helps! I think the issue was I did a search on 'pocket query' to see if the answer was already there and the results just showed pocket query. The results should probably append the sub-forum to the front of the list. I think that would help keep the forums clean - especially for people like me who lurk on the forums and rarely post.


Maybe the moderator can delete the last few posts to keep the forum clean?

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