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Traveling to Ireland from USA

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Hello from across the Atlantic.


I am traveling to Ireland for the first time in the near future. I have been researching caches to find during the trip. When we travel, we always target virtuals, webcams, earth caches, challenges, and old hides, so I have done a bit of looking on these fronts. I have dug into the favorites list, as well, which is a decent resource, but I also know that many of the greatest caches tend to be more difficult or out of the way and simply cannot attract the traffic needed to crack the top favorites list. I collaborate on a website that chronicles phenomenal caches (epicgeocaching.com), so I'm always looking for unique, creative, or challenging caches or even normal caches in amazing locations off the beaten path.


Can locals from island recommend caches that jump to mind when you think "fantastic geocache"? I am willing to go nearly anywhere, tackle nearly any terrain, or attempt difficult things. But I also realize some of the best caches are extremely easy. Simply put, anything and everything is open game and I'll look into any caches you recommend.


Thanks in advance! I look forward to enjoying your country, its culture, and the great caches I am sure are waiting!

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It depends on which part of Ireland you're visiting. I can't really speak for much in the north as I'm based in the Cork area which is on the south coast - however if you're anywhere near Dublin, everyone gravitates to GC43, Europe's First. If you're heading for Northern Ireland, the Giant's Causeway earthcache is a must.


It would help to know which areas you're visiting and when.


If you're around mid-August there is the Geocamping event in the Burren region - this will also have at least 2 other satellite events either on the same day or on a consecutive day.


If you're planning to do any of the islands Skellig Michael is a must if you're in the South West but takes the best part of a day - it has 2 good caches - a virtual and an earth cache. A small scene was filmed there last year for the forthcoming Star Wars movie. Be sure to book well in advance as only a certain number are allowed on the island a day as it is an UNESCO world herritage site.


If you can let know when you're coming and where you plan to visit, I'll look at my list of found/planned caches if you're going to any areas I've been caching in.

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